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Characteristics Of Membrane Structure Building Form

Membrane structure is a new development in the building structure of a form, it is the performance of the fabric as a material, or into the membrane inflatable, air pressure to support the membrane surface, or the use of flexible cable or rigid support structure to tighten the surface, so as to form a certain stiffness, can cover large-span space structure system. The design of membrane structure mainly includes four problems, such as shape design, initial equilibrium shape analysis, load analysis and cutting analysis. Through the shape design to determine the size of the building plane, three-dimensional modeling, clearance volume, determine the coordinates of each control point, structure, selection of membrane materials and construction plan.

Because the membrane material itself has no compressive and flexural stiffness, so its stiffness and stability need to rely on the curvature of the membrane surface and the prestress to improve, for the membrane structure, no stress-free state at any time, so the shape of the membrane surface must finally meet the conditions of a certain boundary conditions, a certain pre-stressed the mechanical balance, The load analysis and cutting analysis are carried out as the benchmark. Under external load, One Direction stress in the film increases and the other direction stress decreases, which requires that the initial tensile stress should be applied to the extent that the stress is not reduced to zero under the most unfavorable load, that is, there is no wrinkle.

The stand of the cable-membrane structure is a kind of stand structure which is different from the traditional structure, and it has been widely used because of its unique novelty and beautiful and rich shape. And it broke the previous construction, the structure of the design process, structural engineers from the outset directly involved in the construction of the selection process. Membrane material a new building material, has been recognized as the following brick, stone, concrete, steel and wood after the sixth kind of building materials, reduce the deformation of the structure must increase the resistance of the structure, and membrane structure by changing the shape to disperse the load, so as to obtain minimum internal force growth.

The membrane structure changes the traditional building material and uses the membrane material, its weight is only one-thirtieth of the traditional building. And the membrane structure can fundamentally overcome the traditional structure in the large-span (non-supporting) building implementation of the difficulties encountered, can create a huge unobstructed visual space. Its shape is free and light, flame retardant, easy to manufacture, fast installation, energy saving, easy, safe use and so on, so that it has been widely used around the world. This type of structure is particularly suitable for large stadiums, entrance corridors, public leisure and entertainment squares, exhibition halls, shopping malls and other fields.

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