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Membrane Structures That Will Not Be Obsolete

The pace of modern society is getting faster, and everything will be efficient. Many of the buildings in our lives have also begun to change in the situation, the traditional building cycle long, the need for construction workers, construction costs high. Now the appearance of membrane structure, greatly changed the status quo, it let more people see the advantages of membrane structure building.

Membrane structure of its free, lightweight, feminine, full of strength, flame retardant, easy to make, quick installation, energy saving, the use of safety and other advantages, so that a variety of artistic membrane structure of the construction of the present people. From the material point of view, PVDF film color rich color architecture of the world more gorgeous and colorful; PTFE film The more you use the more white to get through the silt and not dye the clean life.

ETFE film material because of its good light transmittance, and air composition of gas pillow good heat insulation, sound absorption. It provides a good choice for building green and light buildings.

The construction of the membrane structure can not only achieve good aesthetics, but also very new in appearance. And also very good in light transmission. By adopting this technology to the building, it is better to show its good image. Make people's impression of membrane structure more and more good.

In the next building, more and more use of membrane structure, membrane structure of the building to adapt to future development space. With the progress of science and the highly developed technology, the structure of membrane structure will further meet the spiritual needs of people.

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