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What Are The Problems That Need Improvement In Membrane Structure Construction?

Membrane structure architecture has become a more prominent architectural form in the present, based on the current situation, the future development of membrane structure, to meet the needs of more people? Membrane structure building as a permanent building to use, then according to its architectural characteristics, it may be temporary detachable, in addition, the improvement of construction methods, so that the replacement of the membrane material is more simple and convenient, at the same time the development of different needs of the membrane material, such as durability, Heat insulation, noise, light, etc.

The membrane structure building has a bright interior space. The membrane material can pass through the light is its transmittance. The glass can pass through light, heat transfer, and so is the transmittance of the membrane material. Hope that the light transmittance of the film material can be adjusted according to the design requirements Freely. Film is also a potential material, but difficult to use due to lack of strength and resistance to hydrophilic. Highly transparent membrane material is being developed, if it can reach a certain extent, the membrane structure in the history of construction will also write a new page. What kind of heat load will be generated when using this material to form an enclosed space? How are the corresponding construction methods and mechanical systems modified? What about the problem of heat radiation? Transparent membrane roofing is attractive compared to glass, since membranes require very few auxiliary components and can form Surfaces. The above problems must be solved in the further development of membrane materials.

Decontamination of the surface of membrane materials what can we do? In particular, the dust on the PVC coating will affect the image of the membrane structure. Measures such as the surface coating of fluorine have been taken, but there is still no deterrent to Dust. The membrane is not as easy to clean as glass, and dust will reduce the charm of the membrane structure. This is a problem that needs to be solved, affecting the development of membrane structures as permanent buildings in the Future.

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