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Why Membrane Structures Are So Reused

Membrane structure is a kind of green environmental protection material, in recent years China imported from abroad membrane structure materials in the construction industry has been fully utilized. Membrane structure companies to maximize the performance of membrane materials, China's sustainable development needs green materials to help Push.

China's Construction and building materials industry is a very large market, the future demand for membrane structure will be very large. Membrane structure is so reused for a reason, membrane structure is a perfect combination of architecture and structure of the structure System. It is with high-strength flexible thin film material and supporting system to form a stable surface with a certain stiffness, it can withstand a certain external load of the spatial structure of the FORM. It has the advantages of free and light shape, flame retardant, easy to manufacture, fast installation, energy saving, easy to use safety and so On.

Because the membrane structure has a strong tension, so in a larger distance without the support of steel, which can save a lot of material. Membrane structure of the use of the membrane material has a strong flame retardancy and high temperature resistance, so the fire performance is Good. Due to the light weight of the membrane structure and the flexible structure and large deformation capacity, the seismic performance is good.

It is well known that the construction period of membrane structure is short and the cutting of membrane is convenient. Split molding and skeleton steel structure, cables are in the factory processing production, the site simply assembled, simple construction, so the construction period is shorter than the traditional building.

Any country must adhere to the green sustainable development strategy, saving environmental protection of membrane structure materials future development prospects are unpredictable, or there will be a wider world. As we all know, membrane structure is introduced from abroad to china, and the rise of membrane structure company is these Years. The membrane itself has many innate advantages, which is a kind of impact on the traditional Structure.


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