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What Will Be The Development Of Membrane Structure In The 2018?

In recent years, China has begun to encourage the construction of energy-saving Green buildings, and to encourage the development of architectural industrialization and the development of new building structure Systems. The membrane structure has the advantages of low energy consumption, economical application, short construction period, green construction and so on, and it can be recycled, reduce construction waste emissions, is in line with the characteristics of recycling economy and environmental protection green building, so it has been applied, after decades of development, the development of membrane structure has made great Achievements.

ETFE membrane structure because of higher prices, often by customers to avoid, but with the increase in economic level, the price of ETFE membrane structure is no longer unacceptable. Etfe appeared in the frequency has basically caught up with other economic membrane material level, in 2017, there are many ETFE membrane structure indoor gymnasium instances and widely praised. As the best performance of the membrane, ETFE because of the short time is not widely recognized, because do not understand so not to be adopted, with the future more and more ETFE works appear in the eyes of everyone, this situation will be changed. The ETFE membrane structure will be adopted more and more in the future before the fog and haze still bothers everyone's daily life without being completely relieved.

China is currently investing heavily in infrastructure, and high-speed rail is an important part of it. For the membrane structure industry, each High-iron site construction, will be a huge opportunity, its membrane structure works as much as building a water cube. At present, the southeast coastal economic developed provinces, is the city and provincial capital of the high-speed rail between the layout, the future of such a plan will gradually be implemented in the Midwest inland, which will be how many high-speed rail stations will be built? The resulting economic and impact, but also enough to the membrane structure of the industry to a new height.

2018, the development of membrane structure will still be a good, the development of sigma membrane structure in these years has also accumulated positive experience. Our study and summary of these experiences and revelations will help us to think about the development and countermeasures of membrane structure, which is beneficial to further development in the new Year and expand the wider business scope and market.

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