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How To Build A More Reinforced Tensioned Membrane Structure

We all know that the safety measures of membrane structure building are more solid than the traditional building, but from the safety of the building to consider, reinforcement is essential, then how to make our membrane structure building more solid?

1, the use of multiple nodes of the overall hoisting technology, that is, according to the tensile membrane structure of the membrane design height, the film body according to the plane location of the block hoisting, to prevent the film junction car building shaking not known Phenomenon.

2, sequential installation: that is, according to the tensile membrane structure of the installation site, to determine its installation sequence, installation should also be carried out in Sequence.

3, Splint connection: that is, the use of splint will be tensioned membrane structure building membrane and cable Connection together, the construction should pay attention to different parts of different sizes of the splint, control the spacing between the Splint.

4, set the safety rope: that is, the tension membrane structure outside the use of secure rope fixed membrane structure building.

The above four points is the tension membrane structure building reinforcement measures, in the tensile membrane construction, should be based on the actual situation in the field, so as to take the corresponding reinforcement measures.

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