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The Stable Position Of The Membrane Structure Stands In The Building

Membrane structure stands because of the flexible appearance of the membrane material, created a new flexible architectural style and attracted attention, and high-performance membrane material with light weight, good mechanical properties and so on, also makes the Large-span Column-free building space possible, so under specific conditions (especially sports buildings, Exhibition Building) membrane structure is an ideal choice to greatly enrich the architectural appearance.

1. Building insulation, insulation, noise and condensation problems membrane structure stands used in large-scale enclosed buildings, in order to solve the problems of building insulation, insulation, noise insulation and condensation, There are two-layer membrane structure and coating anti-condensation agent to weaken the impact of this aspect, but can only be weakened, can not be completely resolved the Effect.

2.The cutting and heat sealing of the film material is a special process of membrane structure, and it is also the key process of membrane structure Construction. Because the use of planar cutting method to obtain the final complex space effect, The difficulty is conceivable, the trimming allowance is too large, the membrane loose, too small pull collapse too tight, the node is prone to leakage, air leakage, and one side pull collapse too tight will make another direction wrinkles.

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