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Knowledge About The Structure Of The Landscape Membrane

In some tourist attractions, membrane structure has gradually replaced the traditional form of construction, which is mainly due to its special materials and characteristics, give architects more planning space, but also bring us more visual experience.

First, the shape of the common, changing multi-terminal

1, the landscape membrane structure to bring the most intuitive feeling is the change in the shape, whether it is light like the embellishment of the scene of the swallow, or the imposing special sculpture building.

2, on the outside can show its common artistic decoration effect, and with the artistic conception, after stretching to portray the image of force and beauty.

Second, colorful, gorgeous

1, color, is able to express a variety of moods, artistic conception, can give people a common feeling. The same color is also the most active language in the environment.

2, the proper color processing, will make the space has a decent artistic expression. For example, colorful color can give people a pleasant feeling, and pure white membrane structure of the same landscape construction, it can bring people elegant and pure visual feeling.

Third, the material environmental protection, strong  

1, commonly used membrane materials are PTFE membrane materials and PVC membrane materials. Characterized by high strength, good durability, fire retardant, self-cleaning, and unaffected by ultraviolet light, the service life of more than 20 years.

2, the card is this thin to a few millimeters of material, depicting a wide and light special landscape membrane structure.

3, this also shows that the development of information technology, to our daily life has a great change.

Four, a lot of functions, tailored

1, in addition to appreciating the effect, the function of the scene membrane structure is equally strong, as a beautiful scene at the same time can also be used as a sun shed, gazebo, even porch and so on.

 2, the concept of common, tailor-made, and the surrounding environment, in the art of giving the scene of the practical practicality into the meantime, making the scene environment more contagious.

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